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Lise Hendrix is an Artiste Photographer and Filmmaker from France. She was born and raised in Le Havre, Normandie region where she graduated from her Home town Fine Art School, then moved to Norway to study Media production at the Hivolda University College of Volda. Lise started working with images through photography. She learned and practices the techniques of Analogue Photography during her Bachelor Degree in Arts and she is self-educated on Digital Photography. Since then she was called to return in Norway to run workshops with Norwegians and International Students each year during the spring semester. Her filmmaking studies in Norway introduced her to the art of motion picture as another way of playing with images – and ever since she hasn’t stopped creating. She is the co-creator and part of an International Media production team called Volod Hendrix. Their favorite topics are Environment, Self-Sustainbility, Natural Food, Climate Change/Pollution, Yoga, Zero Waist, Alternative Medicine, All forms of Green Actions… Subjects that help us to kill Urban Stereotypes and therefore improve or totally change our lifestyle. From January 2017 until April 2018 she worked with her VolodHendrix team on her first middle length documentary film called Virgo, exploring the Biodiversity and the Virgin forests territory of Romania. Discover the trailer and earlier work here : www.volodhendrix.com Virgo Trailer - https://bit.ly/2yDERmI ___ Lise shifted her thoughts and actions towards a complete new plant based lifestyle 3 years ago. She healed in so many ways and this new flow of energy is guiding her to the life she always dreamt and wanted for herself. She understood that nothing is impossible and mindset is key! Living life with the core belief of -buy less stuff and experience more-, Lise uses her passions for photography and her social medias to inspire people to fall in love with themselves, life, adventure and the world. She says not to be a life professional, since perfection isn’t real anyway. But sharing is connecting with others and it helps to build a better world with more self successes and realisations. Sharing her experiences through the art of making photography intimatly connected to a self love practice make the uniqueness of her work and the service she proposes!

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