• Lugar - Volda, Noruega
  • Duración - 5 horas
  • Nº de viajeros - 1-5 personas personas
  • Idiomas - English

You are a beginner in Photography? An actual Photographer? Or just someone who wish to improve the quality of his photographs?

This workshop is all about being outdoor with your cameras and spend a memorable moment. I will be providing you with insights, knowledge and directions to ensure you’re traveling on the path to success when it is about building images and training your visual senses in natural setup.

Where are you in your relation with Images ? Are you confortable in front of a camera yourself ? If not no worries, I will be introducing you with all my advices and creative tips. Sharing main advices and basics principal focusing on portrait photography. If you want to become a portrait photographer and work with models along the way you gonna need to go through the basic rules of communication with models – something to many forget to reflect on and work on!

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Lo que haremos

  • Individual or little group (max 4 people) coaching session on the terrain: intense and packed with upgrading infos for you!

Cosas que incluye

  • Review of your existing work and provide feedback around a cup of tea
  • Going out for a test shooting
  • First part I observe you starting the shooting and your reactions
  • Provide you in time all my impressions, advices and views on how to become more professional and successful as a portrait photographer while you are shooting
  • Very interactive process
  • Provide more insides and important infos about communication with your model which is very crucial in portrait photography!
  • Get my Main Outdoor Portraiture Hacks Ebook included
  • Reviewing the pictures of the day together working on your eye to select the best shots + extra advices for editing tips on Photoshop or Lightroom (extra cost)
  • Some limited email contact after the session to answer some follow up questions you might have

Notas Importantes

  • For beginners or professional photographers

Sobre el anfitrión

Lise Hendrix is an Artiste Photographer and Filmmaker from France. She was born and raised in Le Havre, Normandie region where she graduated from her Home town Fine Art School, then moved to Norway to study Media production at the Hivolda University College of Volda.
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€ 180

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