• Lugar - Volga, Norway
  • Duración - 8 hours
  • Nº de viajeros - 5-10 personas
  • Idiomas - Engish

I offer this experience for those that want to spend some quality time in the nature and learn about fire.
It starts at 11:00, and we start taking a one hour trip into the forest hill, where every step further you take, you become more and more inmersed into the beauty of the scandinavian nature.

In an open area surrounded by trees lies a mystical construction, igloo shaped and covered with living plants. This is the goahti, a traditional Sami type of housing. Here we will spend most of our time together, where we will talk about fire, and everything you need to know to make fire succesfully when you are outdoors.

The workshop has a duration of approximately 1,5 hours. Afterwards we will make a big fire inside the goahti, where we will enjoy ourselves for a couple of hours, cooking homemade stickbread and brewing coffee or tea on the fire. The settings are very inviting to story telling, artistical inspiration, music playing, or to have exciting conversations that you will most certainly will never forget.

Approximately at 18:00 we will tidy the place to leave it the same way we found it, and then we will walk back to the town. You can expect being back at 19:00.

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Lo que haremos

  • 11:00 to 12:00 - one hour trip into the forest hill
  • 12:00 to 18:00 - workshop in a goahti + cooking homemade stickbread and brewing coffee or tea on the fire
  • 18:00 to 19:00 - we will walk back to the town

Cosas que incluye

  • Local trip to a Goahti in the hill forest.
  • Workshop about bonfires. Both theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Cosy time and great conversations by the light and warmth of the fire, together with stick bread and coffee/tea cooked on fire.
  • Trip back to Volda.

Notas Importantes

  • Bring your coat!

Sobre el anfitrión

Soy un chico español que se mudó a Noruega hace 5 años. Aquí aprendí Noruego para poder estudiar una carrera llamada "Vida al aire libre". Mi camino y pasión es aprender y compartir experiencias sobre la naturaleza y una vida rica con medios simples, en armonía con el planeta.
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